Washing and receiving hoppers

The wash-receiving tanks for apples, pomegranate and fruits in general are made upon customer request. The supplies may be for various types of whole product or already machined that permit the manipulation, this type of equipment is perfectly integrated into lines with manual or automated control and depending on the accessories supplied you may manage the functionality.

The washing and receiving tanks for apples, pomegranate, fruit in general are made upon customer request. Suitable to be placed below or above ground, made entirely of stainless steel, they can be equipped with hydraulic drives, weighing machines, lifting devices, bubbling system and other features. In the rotary basket systems the product is moved with air jets to facilitate the detachment of the residues of the collection, recovery circuits of the washing water with decantation filters or flour may be provided, many other solutions are available and applicable to make the work automated.


  • water inlet valve
  • total discharge valve
  • overflow system
  • turbine for injection of handling air
  • removable inner basket product containment, with anti clogging eyelets and hooks for lifting
  • size and capacity produced on request.
  • electrical control panel designed based on the components required

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