About us

MIROS and ATI INTERNATIONAL are operating in the wine sector and in the field of the cider and fruit, building machines and equipment for the processing and transformation of grapes and fruit  into must and quality juices.

Pressa della serie Avant PN

Press of the Avant PN series

Our companies are able to realize turnkey supplies also through commercial agreements with other manufacturers . On request, we carry out the design of wine cellars and cider production departments and fruit processing according to specific needs. After 30 years of experience in design and construction, taking advantage of the latest technology, so we can meet the business needs of the wine industry and juice extraction.

The constant technological advances specifically the design department, research and testing, together with the advice of university researchers, oenologists and specialists, allow us to offer a quality product at the top of its category.

Equipment for the transformation

Cryomacerator POLAR, 400.000 fr/h snapshots with 20.000Kg/h

We manufacture machines and equipment, for processing the grapes (wine), apples (cider), pomegranate (fresh juice) and fruit in general (fresh juice), in particular for the first receipt and the pressing and extraction of juices in soft way. Our machines work without the need of chemical additives and allow the user to gain access to organic certification practices. Over the years MIROS and ATI INTERNATIONAL have developed cutting-edge technologies and experience in the pressing industry unequaled to date and today in our price lists there are more than 30 models of pneumatic presses available in both closed-tank that open tank, from the model Bijou 5 to conclude with the Magnum 500 and many wine-making equipment and for processing fruits to which you can apply a wide range of accessories, to offer a customized product so as to meet various customer needs.

Our challenge in technology

Every technological device aims to make the job easier and functional to those who work at the plant. Among the latest achievements, an oxygenator for food products, to be included in the distribution line in order to work in a reducing environment, a new cooling/ cryomaceration system, operated in a continuous cycle line, a new pressing program to adapt the processing to all treatable food products starting from grapes, apples, pomegranate, juice extraction from distilled herbs, etc.

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The companies

Founded respectively in 1988 and 1990, MIROS and ATI INTERNATIONAL have specialized in the construction and sale of machinery and wine-making equipment and fruit processing, developing an experience like few in the first receipt field and pressing for the ‘extraction of musts and juices.

Operand to the projects implemented on customer request, MIROS and ATI INTERNATIONAL are able to offer a wide range of equipment such as: pneumatic presses, tanks of reception / cleaning, belt, vibrating and  catenary conveyors, screw conveyors and propellers for the handling of grapes, apples, pomegranates, various fruits, grape marcs, stalks, separation systems as destemmers for grapes, separation systems for fruit, shredders for apples, handling pumps, coolers with cryogenic gas and numerous accessories to make the work in the enterprise easy and functional.

Thanks to a careful and continuous examination of the needs of customers, we have developed over the years the latest technologies, in order to be able to adapt rapidly to changing market conditions and compete with companies competing in the provision of high quality products. Acting first on a national scale, MIROS and ATI INTERNATIONAL have expanded over time their market in 20 nations of the Europe, Middle East, North and South America, Australia, China, with over 2000 machines produced.

We have a large parts warehouse and a valid service representative to respond in real time to the demands of those in need of technical support.

The best wine cellars, cider production departments and fruit processors, who look to the future, they have inside products, technologies and avail themselves of the technical support MIROS / ATI INTERNATIONAL.