assistance service, beware of fraudulent offers


We have updated our sales/assistance network, we publish our current partners and where they are located under contacts.

Attention ! people who have no relationship with our company are circulating offering spare parts and repairs for our equipment, 
naturally at "favorable costs".

Be wary of these "offers" because we have received complaints of malfunctions, even major ones, 
following the acceptance of savings offers made without our approval. .

In addition to the inconvenience, restoring the functionality of the machine/equipment often requires spending much more than you thought you had saved.

Before carrying out repairs with personnel and components that are not suitable, we ask you to contact our service to avoid misunderstandings 
and future expenses.

We remind you that the equipment we build is CE marked, guaranteeing safety, reliability and construction in compliance with current regulations.

The use of unsuitable spare parts and personnel can jeopardize the safety of those who use the equipment and make it impossible for us 
to provide correct customer service support.

Greetings Marco Roselli

by Marco Miros