Quality in construction

Our main priority in the creation of equipment that are ordered there is the quality and the search of the ultimate ease of use. To do this and give the maximum guarantee of product standards we have adopted constructive procedures issued by the notified ministerial institute ISPESL that entitled us to affix the phrase “construction in total quality” with authorization No. 3306/05 / EC, following appropriate checks of correct application. Within us we have a technical department that evaluates all stages of construction with the heads of the examined design, and where doubts arise we make use of external consultants who evaluate our achievements with different eye focusing problems and studying appropriate solutions. This method of work on the one hand penalizes us considering the high number of procedures to be observed, on the other hand we are comforted. In fact, over the years customers increase who prefer to buy certified products even at the expense of a higher price, which, however, retain its value over time, rather than a product even if cheaper but devoid of “history”, and then of secure purchase.