Carbon dioxide, the economic assessment

We present a thermal and financial assessment of the refrigeration of the crushed grapes with CO2, carbon dioxide, used in the liquid state with our cryo-macerator POLAR, prepared by a highly-trained Ing. Bucci, who was the technical manager of Cantine Banfi in Montalcino (SI) for several years and from which we learned a lot, hoping to receive more teachings on winemaking techniques used by him. For more information contact us, we will be happy to share our experiences to enable you to increase the quality of your products.

We enclose a document in format Power Point (presentation), have a good read.

Scarica PDF   pres-bucci-oicce_engl

Cryomaceration on grapes during the prefermentation

Cryomaceration during prefermentation. Continuing with our research in cryogenics field applied to foods we publish an excerpt from article written by experts from the University of Pisa on a comparative test of cold maceration before the alcoholic fermentation of red grapes. The article is complete with tables and graphs showing the experiment and the results obtained.
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scarica PDF     pre-ferment-cryomaceration-articolo_eng

News Miros/Ati – Equipment for cold maceration, saturation, cooling

!! NEWS 2015 !!

On the occasion of SIMEI in Milan, we will present new equipment which will complement our Polar. This new machine will be called Krios, will complete the range of cryo-macerators working with liquid CO2, giving a chance to even the smallest companies can enhance the quality of their must or juice with the extraction of flavors and fragrances which will raise the quality of their wines or juices. The machine allows to develop up to 200.000 fr / h snapshots, which translated in practical terms, it allows to lower the temperature of 20 °C in step with a production of up to 18000/20000 Kg / h of crushed grapes.
Ask for information at our stand where we will be happy to welcome you in Hall 11 N22 lane of the Milan trade fair, on days 3 to 6 November 2015. We are waiting.