Belt conveyors

They can be made with edges, blades, basins and other accessories to suit your needs, or with our standard for light or medium heavy bulk commodities, with box-system roller or open, for weighing and dosing solutions, for indoor and outdoor use with motorcycle-drum.

The conveyor belt is used for the vast majority of the movements of products which require a high flow rate, where it is desired to retain unchanged the features, where the noise is an important factor, and is looking for a low energy consumption.

Generally, the main elements that constitute a belt conveyor are:

  • Belt composed of various types of material suitable for contact with the product to be transported
  • Motorized cylinder head, in some cases rubberized, to a greater load
  • Referral head with registers for alignment
  • In relation to the length, upper and lower rollers of the tape support
  • Stainless steel frame AISI 304
  • Hopper
  • Belt tensioner mechanism
  • Electric motor and reduction gear unit with mechanical drive or drum motor with inverter
  • Any additional components depending on the application, (unloading systems, belt cleaning devices, braking devices, boards and side rails, etc.).

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