Castello della Sala (Copia)

Antinori Società Agricola a Responsabilità Limitata


Loc. La Sala – 05016 Ficulle (TR)
Tel. 0763 86051 – Fax 0763 86491



A wine cellar planned carefully, with great attention to technical and aesthetic details, conceived for a special working arrangement that recalls to one’s mind the aspect of a waterfall, a magnificent complex formed by various  levels, each one of them different  for kind of working, perfectly in  synergy among them, the whole environment plunged in a special fabulous contest: this is Castello della Sala.

Antinori Group’s Company differentiates whether for  building construction, in which there have been concentrated a lots of innovations, or for the exclusive technological equipments, designed to obtain  the most quality, in less time and without  wasting human energies.

Antinori family and the direction represented  by Mr. Renzo Cotarella adressed to Miros some years ago for the planning and realizing of a part of the pressing area.

Weighing systems, hoppers, cooled basins for grapes’ receiving, grapes sorting line, full machine and manual load alarm systems at a distance, allow the management of incoming grapes.

 Specific double acting controls allow the operators to manage all the equipments without  moving continuously from downstairs to upstairs.

The middle floor is destined to the lodgement of oenological machines for working and transformation of grapes and  musts obtained.

A cryomacerator  for grapes cooling, coming from two lines, produces a fast lowering of temperature and a working in inert atmosphere, that guarantees the best extraction of organic substances, producing exceptional results on the musts obtained.

Some fullers, as placed on binary, can be used on all present fermentation tanks.

Three pneumatic presses, managed through suitable programs, are equipped with manual cleaning system for draining of grooves, inner must drainage grate, automatic loading control system and must sorting line for the selecting of only the best quality musts.

A used up grape-marcs unloading basin is connected with a special ceiling conveying system, that permits the best use of all the available spaces.

The grape-stalks evacuation line collects all points in a elevation belt, which has, on his top, a grape-stalk mincer to lower the level of discarding.

The final unloading occurs in unhooked large cases placed outside the cellar.

Belts, filters, pumps, wines-musts working and stocking tanks are part of the numerous equipments.

A special area for barriques, with humidity thermal control devise, a bottling room and a wine exposition, complete the winery’s structure.

As we do not manage to describe exactly all the characteristics of the ompany’s structure, we invite you to ask the owners the consent to visit the cellar, and, if possible, the wonderful Antinori family’s castle, that dominates all the valley.