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The Antinori group, with whom we have been collaborating for years in projecting and realizing oenological equipments for the grapes’ working, had decided to make a great investment in Puglia some years ago, in the neighborhood of Minermino Murge. The realized pressing system was designed to receive and work incoming grapes without having in the cellar pressing trenches or gradients that could obstruct the movements or the daily cleanliness.
The supply consisted of two pneumatic 120 tons capacity presses, lifted out of the ground, to allow the used-up grape skins unloading by means of two 800mm length conveyor belts.
They would have assure to operators the most perfect working conditions, while entering into the press for the daily cleanliness and maintenance.
Thanks to suitable removable protections, by actioning a special maintenance control device placed in the switchboard, it was possible, in fact, for the operators, to work inside the press easily and safely, without wasting time and useless energies.
The collecting basin was positioned on a earth platform that allowed the passage of work machines and, at the same time, the unloading of grapes from the lorries or trailers assigned to the transport.
A destemmer placed comfortably on the ground was destined to the operations of conveying of grapes.
At the exit of the destemmer two grape-stalks conveyor belts have been connected to a draining wagon.
An useful reading desk control board with graphic images contributed to manage, at the same time, the presses, the used upgrape-skin and stalks unloading belts and the belts for fermented grape-skins loading, endowed with a full machine alarm system.
A special rapid hooking devise allowed to replace the control panel, in case of disuse, in secure and repaired rooms. Other equipments, such as a tube nest for grapes cooling and a station for producing compressed healthy air, to use also for bottling lines, completed the supply.
The architecture department realized a magnificent complex, of great effect, equipped with suitable platforms, used as passage from the different working departments of the pressing area. The whole oenological complex was realized and defined during two harvests.