Pneumatic press AVANT small PMC

Pneumatic press for grapes, economic and versatile, equipped with n. 2 manual doors to make the machine hermetic and suitable to carry out pellicular maceration, particularly suitable for processing whole grapes with Champagne programs, diaphragm in thermo-weldable food tissuefixed diametrically at the tank. Electronic programmer Siemens latest generation with work programs “FREE”, without limitation of imagination to realize your work cycle. Possibility to request accessories to make your machine even more efficient and suited to your working methods.

Pneumatic press PMC small

General features:

  • Constructed entirely of stainless steel AISI 304
  • Airtight tank with internal channels draining
  • Four wheels, two with brake
  • Basin for must collection
  • Evacuation system pomace exhausted by internal guides
  • N° 2 loading/unloading doors autoclave type, manual, light, making the airtight tank for maceration and special processes
  • Axial loading device positioned on the axis of the cylinder head, loaded with stainless steel manual valve diam. 100 mm
  • Membrane diametrical built with material of nylon fiber fabric covered with tissue suitable for contact with food
  • Built-in turbine for low pressure and vacuum
  • Built-in compressor for high pressure running dry
  • PLC of last generation Siemens
  • Touch Screen Panel for machine control
  • Double electric management framework, electromechanical and electronic

Data sheet
PDF   AVANT small PMC_Data sheet


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