Press with elastic membrane Softpress big, patented system

The central membrane press SoftPress is made for soft extraction of grape juice, apples, pomegranate, fruit, herbs and other types of products that you can squeeze. The only machines on the market that take advantage of the “homogeneous distribution” in the drainage surface of the loaded product, the system is patented for over 20 years, provides fast pressing times, it ensures rapid pressing time and maximum exhaustion of products. Safe and versatile, equipped with one or more pneumatically operated doors with large size to facilitate loading / unloading operations, 360° drilled tank, central elastic silicone membrane. Electronic programmer Siemens latest generation with work programs “FREE”, without limitation of imagination to realize your work cycle. Possibility of accessories to make your machine even more efficient adapting to your way of working.

Press with elastic membrane Softpress big, patented, for grapes, apples, pomegranate and fruit

  • Press with elastic membrane, patented, for soft action
  • Maximum working speed using the maximum drainage surface
  • Tubular elastic membrane (patented system), silicone suitable for contact with foods
  • Constructed entirely of stainless steel AISI 304
  • 360° drilled tank
  • Reversible wort collection tank
  • Evacuation system pomace exhausted by internal guides
  • Door with pneumatic opening and closing of large dimensions for unloading pomace
  • Possibility of 2 or 3 loading and unloading doors longitudinal sliding
  • Axial loading device positioned on the axis of the cylinder head
  • Charge with manual or pneumatic valve diam. 120 mm
  • Built-in turbine for low pressure and vacuum
  • Built-in compressor for high pressure dry running (only mod. 60/80hl)
  • External compressor (optional accessory, only in mod. 100/150hl)
  • PLC of last generation Siemens
  • Touch Screen panel for machine control
  • Double electromechanical and electronic panel
  • Automatic tank washing

Available models 60/80/100/150

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