Accessories for closed presses

The flexibility of our construction system allows you to create the machine with the most varied accessories, from stainless steel risers to level control and many others, which serve to make our press your grape pressing machine.

Below you will find a list of accessories, for further customizations contact our offices.

To customize your machine, you can request the following accessories:

  • cod. D00130 Conveyed must discharge collector
  • cod. D00125 Level control in the tank (big presses) (Big presses)
  • cod. D00125 Level control in the tank (Small presses)
  • cod. D00118 Filling alarm (Small presses)
  • cod. D00126 Automatic washing of channels by piston
  • cod. D00350 Automatic washing of channels with recirculation
  • cod. D00124 Raising legs
  • cod. D00285 Conditioning band
  • cod. D00176 Double internal wall
  • cod. D00200 Three-way must selection
  • cod. D00351 Self-determining working system
  • cod. D00352 Inert system with disposable gas
  • cod. D00353 Inert system with gas recovery

It is possible to equip the press with further accessories. For  more information please contact our offices.