Belt elevators

The conveyor belt lift Miros is ideal for the elevation of any bulk product of the grapes harvested by hand or those harvested by machine, from the dried fruit to that with plenty of liquid, the drainage grid on the initial portion, the roller squirrel cage, the practical lower scraper and other design features make it unique.

Technical features

  • Belt conveyor for elevation of grapes, fruit, and other solid substances
  • Made entirely of stainless steel
  • Handling by belt with basins
  • Stand with 4 wheels, two fixed two pivoting
  • Hydraulic piston (manual or electric) for discharge height adjustment
  • Hopper for liquids recovery
  • Scraper for belt cleaning
  • Standard loading hopper 800×800 mm
  • Mechanical speed variator or by Inverter
  • Start / stop button

Other measures or applications available on request.

Data sheet


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