Screw conveyors

The screw conveyors are used where changes in safety are required as they are completely enclosed, dust-free and protected from the weather, do not require special maintenance and have cost management among the lowest in the industry.

Our accomplishments include handling systems for bulk waste materials such as pomace, grape stalks, filtration flour but also materials to be treated gently as grapes, apples, pomegranate, vegetables and anything else that may be solid to transport, dosing, weighing etc.
Our standard construction provides material used as the use of stainless steel AISI 304, but for special applications we can also use the AISI 316. Everything is designed according to the characteristics of the product to be treated (abrasiveness on flour, weight for discharge by presses and other variants). The engines and the bearings both of the heads that of any intermediate supports are correctly calculated and dimensioned taking into account the masses to be moved and the length of the screw feeders.

Generally, the main elements that constitute a screw conveyor are:

  • made of stainless steel AISI 304

  • engines suitable to the weight to be moved

  • suitably reinforced warheads

  • in relation to the length, intermediate supports of propeller support

  • any additional components depending on the application (discharge devices, washing devices, safety devices, etc.)

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