In-line saturator (inertizer)

The in-line saturator called Mix Air combines the ability to cool and saturate with the appropriate bell, or only to saturate with the concentric ring. Allows to reduce up to 5 ° C above the original temperature allowing the elimination of oxidation during the working phase, applicable to already existing installations, economic, also suitable for fruit and treatments of all pumpable products.

The in-line saturator for the transport of food products with inert gases is the only system that insures against the phenomena of oxidation, the deossigenatore mounted in-line allows a constant coverage for each work step, avoids the phenomenon of clogging of the ducts, even with dense materials and poor in liquid, facilitates the filtering operations with the flotation of the system, with the saturated lines of inert gas reduces the need to add sulfur to stabilize the food.

Data sheet
MIX AIR saturator


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