Self-cleaning drawer-separator mod. Svinamatic 400, machine for the separation of solids (skins and seeds) output from the fermentation tanks during transfer operations. A generous mechanical gearbox allows the continuous rotation of the screw with self-cleaning bristles that is able to run continuously for 24 hours a day without problems of heating and/or clogging.




The drawer – separator is a machine born to divide the solid substances from the liquid ones.
The applications are varied, from the wine-making plants to water purification.
The generous size of propeller equipped with a cleaning bristles of the perforated part coupled to the low number of turns allows an optimal use without the occurrence of problems of any kind. The product containment tank is made of steel sheet with drilling at 360 ° specially designed to facilitate the leakage of the liquid product.
The propeller is made of stainless steel with nylon bristles suitable for contact with food.
The propeller rotation system is obtained with a motor reducer directly applied to the axis.
All electrical control devices are contained inside the control panel (optional).
The loading of the drawer must be made through the attack (garolla standard) placed in the upper part through a pump, or by free fall modulated by a valve placed at the exit of the vinification tank.
The discharge of the solid product is collected under the discharge surface.
The separated liquid product is collected in the tank fixed on the frame to be conveyed then via a pump to the storage tanks.

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