Chain conveyors for bulk products

The chain conveyor (catenary) allows to realize routes in a single solution without overlapping of elements, what allows an economic saving, having only one engine and avoiding to couple several conveyors for the achievement of the product discharge destination. Suitable for transport of marcs discharged from the presses and for the elevation of products from the washing tanks.

Technical features

  • flat portion length: on request
  • inclined section length: on request (min. 4000 mm)
  • useful unloading height: min. 2500 mm
  • track width 500 mm
  • equipped with electrical control panel
  • sides and banks, in folded sheet steel AISI304
  • trolley in AISI304 tubular
  • wheels and feet for moving and positioning
  • sliding surface of the blades in AISI304
  • chain equipped with blades pitch 500 mm
  • useful width of the blade 500 mm
  • geared motor with endless screw 380V three-phase motor 1.5 to 2.2 kW

Data sheet