Cryomacerators in continuous operation POLAR

The POLAR uses the principle of carbon dioxide (low pressure at room temperature), which in contact with the product allows a lowering of the temperature by blocking the degenerative processes. You get a chance to work it into an oxygen-free environment, enabling you to organize a gradual fermentation and controlled as intended.

The POLAR reduces the temperature of grapes sent to the presses via pumps or storage tanks and fermentation, with capacity up to 18000/20000 Kg/h. By setting the parameters of temperature, pressure, level we can obtain almost instantaneously a decrease 15/20 ° C (compatibly with the feeding speed desired and the type of product to be cooled). This innovative machine can be indifferently used on all types and qualities of grapes or of products that can be pumped to its interior, the construction materials are totally in stainless steel AISI 304 (AISI 316 on request for additional charge) or in materials suitable for contact with food, and it was properly approved to meet the EU directives on safety at work. Compared to other products that may be on the market, to date, we can state that the principle of operation of our equipment is the only one able to allow a correct homogenization of the product to be cooled with the injected gas within the cooling chamber and that allows you to make the most of refrigeration developed by offering a proper saturation of the grapes without causing cold burns. Exhaust gas discharge that causes the lowering of the temperature is modulated by a sophisticated control that allows to keep inside the machine only the pressure needed to product evacuation without additional pumps (up to a prevalence of 3.5 bars in line) and hence without creating mechanical stress the grapes. The study of the form of embodiment of the machine has been conceived in order to sanitize the internal part of same without problems and with reduced times, the preferred automatic washing system controlled by the electronic processor and the practical porthole with a single handwheel allow the washing whenever It desired in about 5 minutes. The presence of numerous accessories and controls allows the machine to be inserted within the processing chain and check its procedures with practicality and safety of personnel.

Data sheet
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