Destemmer, machine designed for the separation of the grape from the bunch, designed to be very easy to use, and inexpensive. Speed variator which allows to diversify the flow rates simultaneously to all the machine components for perfect adjustments of each type of grape. Adjustable rubber rollers that can be excluded, realized in material suitable for contact with food.

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The destemmer-crusher is equipped with its own feeding hopper, in which there are draining grilles to remove the excess wort, and a screw that adjusts the amount of food product with which the batter. The grapes are then taken from the axis destemmer with rubber part terminal (hands), which rotates inside the perforated cage (grid) in holes adapted to the grape variety and the different ways of collecting. The grid plate is round countersunk holes with larger drawing that avoids tearing of the stalks. The working speed is variable and can be adapted adjustments to obtain whole berries. The berries then fall on adjustable rubber rollers, which ensure an adequate crushing, a safety system indicates the presence of foreign bodies that may impede the proper execution of the work.

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